The End of The Beginning

As I write this blog post I contemplate what I actually wrote about? Was my content clear, did I convey my point, in the end the question is, what was this all about? In my prior blog posts my effort was to brand myself in order for my endeavors in the future. The ideas where always in my head but adding the ideas to the paper was where I had the most problems. So as I reflect and ask theses questions of myself, I also ask the same thing from the few people who took the time to read my blogs. The thoughts were there just adding them for all to see was where the problem lied.

The information that I wanted to give the public never reached any base. My thought was that I could provide readers with information on how to run a successful night club. The ideas in my head and the ones that I talked about in my blog postings were solely based on my own experiences that I have had. As a young entrepreneur who hopes to one day have a night club business, I thought that I could convey the important aspects that are needed to be in order to run a successful business. As I look at what I wrote in the past I hope that my future postings will reflect me.

So this is a farewell toast to my postings that I have done and I am giving birth to the ideas that will come in the future. Giving the people some type of information that helps myself and others. Branding myself on a social network in order to convey the message that I want. I can’t promise what I talked about in the future will reflect what I hope to write in the future. Keep your eyes tuned into the computer screen to see what I will bring to you next and what will come. Maybe some content that will be more of the same but having new ideas convey better.

So I just gave you blog saying that im ending the route of my current blog. So the question is where will i go next? I may not know where im going at this very moment but im sure itll come to me at some moment. Maybe itll come to me at work, in the bathroom, in class, or playing basketball. My hopes with the past was to catapult into the future. That still remains to be my goal. Though today is ending tomorrow will bring content that is relevant and prevalent. Well enough with the talk, all i can hope for is that you will stay tuned for what iI hit you with next.

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Music: Go DJ

One of the most important aspects to any night club is the music. Whats the first and the last things that you hear when in a night club? The answer is, the music. Was it good, bad, too loud, not loud enough? These are some of the questions that people are faced with when they leave or enter your place of business. And when it comes to music, in order to make money you need to spend money. Meaning that even though it can be the single most important aspect associated with your business, it could also be the most costly. Many people form opinions based on their leaving and entering a place of business, what do you want people thinking?

One thing that you definitely need is a DJ. The DJ presents what type of music will be played, how the crowd will feel, and determine the success of your club in general. You have to know what you want from a DJ in order to find the right one. There are a lot of questions that you need to ask yourself about your establishment before hand. The fact is that the DJ will hold a lot of the power that is associated with you atmosphere in the club. Depending on what you want in your club, that will determine your choice. In this aspect the same is true as was for over things which is, variety is vital.

The art of the live show is something that will draw any real fan to your establishment. Even though it may seem that this could be costly, it could draw people to your place that would otherwise be declined to come. For the entertainers that perform at your place of business they will also set a reputation with you and the consumer base that you represent. If you present a place of business that will help people come by providing an experience that will be second to none then they will continue to come back time after time. The live show of the newest, hottest, most distinguished acts will provide new business for you .

Though the idea that I have shared is vague, where you take it is in the hands of those that own the business. With music there is so much opportunity that you can reach to and help grow your business. Remember that you want to entice the type of consumer base that you want coming through your doors. The biggest thing is that you want to make sure that you portray what you want out of your business. In music there will be ample opportunity for you to grow your business from a night spot to a place of entertainment and a social spot where people will want to attend.

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Employment: To Hire or Not That is the Question

Think about the place that you work? Think about some of your favorite places where you like to shop? What about some places that you hate? Hopefully these questions lead you to think about either the people you work with or the people who work at these businesses. Th people who work at your establishment can make or break your business. It is very important that you hire the people who are the most capable to do their jobs. In the nightclub scene there are two jobs that stand out and are valuable to the functionality of your business. Especially in the business that I am referring to you need to make sure that the people who you employ are those that can perform the best at their said duties. In order to strive for success in business you need to employ nothing but the best along the way.

In a nightclub the first place of employment that you should look at is security. You need to make sure that the security that you employ are individuals that can both work with the general public while also providing your club with protection. Whenever you have the combination of people and drinking, this sets up for a place where violence can be present. The security that you employ needs to be made up of people who you can trust to ensure security to the people inside. The hiring practices that you have need to go in line with the type of business that you are running, who you are looking to serve, and what it is that you exactly want from this employment section. Think about what you want from this section of employment but understand that this is a large part of your business.

One of the biggest parts of a night club is the drinking that is involved. As I discussed in earlier postings having a variety of liquor and drinks is vital to your business. The thought is that you need to have someone who can pour these drinks. The next key employment decision that you need to make is the bartenders. Bartending has not only become people who are serve you drinks but it has become somewhat of a show. You have to decide what type of bartenders you want to employ. Those that have substance or those that are entertaining. I believe that in the market that night clubs are in now, you need to have a combination of everything. In order to strive for some success you need to make sure that you have bartenders that are diverse so that your business can have something that others do not.

The type of people who you employ is vital because these are the ones that will be asked to work with the general public. These are the people who will be seen on a night to nigh basis. so they need to be people who can be presented to the public and make you look good as a result of it. remember the type of people who you are trying to employ will be central in your success. The type of presence the employees that work for you will give your business the type of look that you may want. The underlying statement here is basically customer service. You employees are the ones that keep that line of communication from your customers to your consumers. Know how you are, what you are trying to convey, and the business that you wish to give to the people who come in and out of your place of business each and every night and day.

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Food annd Liquor

There are a lot of great combinations that I can think of throughout the years. There was Shaq and Kobe, always been peanut butter and jelly, and then there’s food and liquor. My last couple of posts focused on those two aspects of night spots. My conclusion now is to bring the two of them together and into the front. Food and liquor is as deadly combination as any and for night spots it can serve to be highly successful in business endeavors that you may have for your business.

Lets begin with the aspect of food. My belief is that as a business you are losing out on a portion of your revenue stream by not tapping into this market. Some night places get it right when it comes to this idea but so many do not. You have to market your place of business as something more than what it may seem. It’s not just a night spot, it’s a restaurant, or a place for social gatherings. By providing food in your establishment, you tap into segment that is already there. If people come for a good time, they will surely stay for the food. The atmosphere that having food creates is second to none. You already have the clients there in front of you, so why would you want them to go somewhere else for food when you are already have them in your grasp and in your hands waiting to be served.

The second part of the equation is liquor. When I speak about liquor I am not just speaking about liquor but also about liquids. It is important to have variety. The first step of that is to have variety in whatever you serve. You want to be known as an establishment that provides the best quality, most variety, and affordable prices. A lot of these changes may seem to be noteworthy. The one thing that I can not stray away from is that in order to make money you need to spend money. These changes will help your place of business. In the sense of the liquor that you provide you need to make sure that with your variety you are giving your consumers choice. Provide choice and variety by giving them deals and special promotions on certain nights and that will entice them to come to your business.

Though these are just my thoughts and only my thoughts I can speak on this subject only because I have been to so many places such as these. My thought is that if I am having these ideas about the club scene then others may be having the same ideas. In my endeavors for the future I look to have an establishment such as this for myself. In my establishment I hope hat some of the things that I have discussed and seen in my passing I can apply them to my business.

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Drinks: Pour Me A Cup

The last night that you went a night scene of any sorts, what was the one thing that stuck out in your head? was it the music, the people, the night itself? For most the one takeaway that comes from a night out is the prices that they pay for drinks. Now I am not only referring to alcoholic drinks but drinks in any nature of the word. These includes cold refreshments such as sodas and beers, and the high-class version of wines, champagnes and hard liquor.

First let me begin by talking about the non alcoholic drinks that are served at these night spots. The biggest thing that a club owner can remember is that variety is key. There may be points where you have a customer base that is searching for non alcoholic drinks. If you do not supply a variety at this end then you success rate can clearly fall in this aspect. Variety is key because you also have to understand what your target audience is looking for and who they are.

Next we can discuss the fact of alcoholic drinks. Here I will make the same point that I made earlier about variety. Depending who you are marketing your night spot to that will decide what type of drinks that you want to have made available. Are you looking at college kids, high-class people, or a variety of both. In order to be successful you must have product that is suitable for all of the people who you are looking bring to your club. You must cater to the people who will be attending.

The last point is the same point that I first began with is the prices that you pay for drinks. I think that the key takeaway should be that as a club owner you have some sort of promotional tool happening every night. Have one night with dollar beers, perhaps one with half off, something that will entice people to walk through your doors and get a level of foot traffic. The first thought should always be to get people in the door because from there the possibilities can seem endless. 

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Food: The Way to a Successfull Club is Through Your Stomach

Ever been in a social environment such a nightclub when you all of a sudden realize, the hunger for more? No im not talking about a rap album, im talking about eating. Whats one of the most common things people do when they drink? Answer is, eat. Whats one of the most common places where business deals can be made or rejected? A restaurant or over a meal. Now what are one of the few things that night clubs seem to not have in their establishments? Food.

It has been my thought for a long time that social night spots or clubs, as some may say, should serve food. Most of the time when you enter places of these establishments Your first thought is not eating. But wait, the more time you spend, the more the feeling starts to arise. One of the best night clubs that I can ever think of going to was in Sacramento. Though when I entered this place of business my initial thought was not to eat but to dance, that feeling soon changed. When you ask others what their night consisted of when they went out to a club it usually goes like this: I went out, had a good time, and then went to get something to eat. By not providing a place where people can eat, you are losing out on a market that you could easily tap in to. Providing a service to those that are already there, a service they want, and a way to make money.  

This is not only a way for club owners to make money. This has implications that can tie your business into not only a place of business but where people conduct business. You want to give the feeling to business professionals that you are conducting an environment where people can come to have fun, let loose, and still be professionals. So many deals are done around an atmosphere where food is present so why would you not want to have a place of business that conducts that.

So the moment that you have all been waiting for. For the thousands in attendance and the millions around the world, lets discuss the food that you would be serving. First thing is that the idea to serve food is that which is a solid ground for start. People want a place where they can have fun and eat too. By providing both things you are triggering a market that can benefit your business. I think when as a business you think about what type of food to serve, you should first think about the people who you are serving the food to. If your market is college kids then a gourmet meal will not work. If you’re trying to attract a business crowd then hamburgers and fries are clearly not the correct choice. With all things in mind the main point is that you should be trying to corner a market that most have not, the way to a successful night business, through the stomach.

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Networking: Just Another Night


How many times have you been in a night club and thought of how can I networked myself? Have you ever thought that this could be the opportunity that you need to put yourself in front of other people? Does the question arise that this may be the moment in time where you can market yourself in a better way? If you’re in a nightclub the moment may come while you have a drink in your hand or while you have intentions that stretch beyond the networking phase.

The next question is how to network yourself in a nightclub? When you think about young people the best way that they interact with one another is through social media. Instead of telling someone what your phone number is, you tell them to hit you up on Facebook. Social media have changed every phase of the way that you connect with others. In the future things have changed so much that instead of exchanging numbers people seem to exchange social networks,.

Appearance has a lot to do with the way that you present yourself., So if you present yourself as a person that continues to conduct themselves in an improper manner then that will reflect you. As I am starting to know about social media I am starting to learn that the way that I present myself to the world will have an impact on my personal brand. Your appearance is what describes you to the people who you are trying to reach and that is something that is vital.

Though I did not have the opportunity to elaborate on the subject that I was discussing I still feel that you should use any opportunity that you can for networking. Networking can not be done through social; media but some of it must be done through actually interaction. You must depend on the fact that you need to meet the people who you will constantly be in interaction with. My closing point is that you need to understand that networking is apart of social media.

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