Atmosphere: I Can Feel It In The Air

28 Jul

As I scratched my ear and scratched my noise, I developed the idea behind my new post. After writing my last blog entry I felt like I was jumping ahead or I was missing something or a key step. Then it came to me. Where, might you ask, at work of all places. As I walked into work after a day that had went seemingly well, my first step in the door slandered my demeanor. I started to get the feeling that I always get at work, which is, why am I here, Then it came to me, not why am I at work, but the idea behind my next blog post.

Just as when I was walking into work, I thought about the atmosphere that surrounds me when I first walk into a nightclub. We live off first impressions. First impressions decide who we are going to marry, what car to buy, where to live, and what to eat. A good first impression can go a long way in deciding what your opinion will be. So the same state of mind is developed when we first walk into a nightclub. We look around, see the surroundings, and absorb the atmosphere.

Atmosphere can be defined as the air or climate in a particular place. But the definition that we are searching for is a special mood or character associated with a particular place. So when I walk into a nightclub the first impression that draws to me beyond the women, the alcohol, the lights, is the presence. You don’t want to have a place of business where it is either to dark or too much light, a lot of people or too little, too sophisticated or not sophisticated enough.

You may be wondering how does this apply to business. First is the positive effect that a sociable nightclub can have on those owners. If you build a good brand within your club it will attract people who wish to have the lifestyle that you present. The atmosphere of the nightclub is important because that is where people draw their first conclusion. Take it from some one who knows, the aura and the atmosphere of the club can determine if ill stay in the club and if I will ever come back.

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One response to “Atmosphere: I Can Feel It In The Air

  1. alan varah

    July 29, 2011 at 12:25 AM

    Good post, and very true! Marketing can be a major factor in “setting” the atmosphere for any establishment… Just think of any place that markets themselves as “raw” or “high energy”… It’s a defining factor that helps establish who you are as a business and sets expectations on the type of joint the customer is frequenting… Like we were discussing, for example the Freight House District they market themselves as a fun place where people can be seen.


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