Networking: Just Another Night

29 Jul


How many times have you been in a night club and thought of how can I networked myself? Have you ever thought that this could be the opportunity that you need to put yourself in front of other people? Does the question arise that this may be the moment in time where you can market yourself in a better way? If you’re in a nightclub the moment may come while you have a drink in your hand or while you have intentions that stretch beyond the networking phase.

The next question is how to network yourself in a nightclub? When you think about young people the best way that they interact with one another is through social media. Instead of telling someone what your phone number is, you tell them to hit you up on Facebook. Social media have changed every phase of the way that you connect with others. In the future things have changed so much that instead of exchanging numbers people seem to exchange social networks,.

Appearance has a lot to do with the way that you present yourself., So if you present yourself as a person that continues to conduct themselves in an improper manner then that will reflect you. As I am starting to know about social media I am starting to learn that the way that I present myself to the world will have an impact on my personal brand. Your appearance is what describes you to the people who you are trying to reach and that is something that is vital.

Though I did not have the opportunity to elaborate on the subject that I was discussing I still feel that you should use any opportunity that you can for networking. Networking can not be done through social; media but some of it must be done through actually interaction. You must depend on the fact that you need to meet the people who you will constantly be in interaction with. My closing point is that you need to understand that networking is apart of social media.

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