Food: The Way to a Successfull Club is Through Your Stomach

03 Aug

Ever been in a social environment such a nightclub when you all of a sudden realize, the hunger for more? No im not talking about a rap album, im talking about eating. Whats one of the most common things people do when they drink? Answer is, eat. Whats one of the most common places where business deals can be made or rejected? A restaurant or over a meal. Now what are one of the few things that night clubs seem to not have in their establishments? Food.

It has been my thought for a long time that social night spots or clubs, as some may say, should serve food. Most of the time when you enter places of these establishments Your first thought is not eating. But wait, the more time you spend, the more the feeling starts to arise. One of the best night clubs that I can ever think of going to was in Sacramento. Though when I entered this place of business my initial thought was not to eat but to dance, that feeling soon changed. When you ask others what their night consisted of when they went out to a club it usually goes like this: I went out, had a good time, and then went to get something to eat. By not providing a place where people can eat, you are losing out on a market that you could easily tap in to. Providing a service to those that are already there, a service they want, and a way to make money.  

This is not only a way for club owners to make money. This has implications that can tie your business into not only a place of business but where people conduct business. You want to give the feeling to business professionals that you are conducting an environment where people can come to have fun, let loose, and still be professionals. So many deals are done around an atmosphere where food is present so why would you not want to have a place of business that conducts that.

So the moment that you have all been waiting for. For the thousands in attendance and the millions around the world, lets discuss the food that you would be serving. First thing is that the idea to serve food is that which is a solid ground for start. People want a place where they can have fun and eat too. By providing both things you are triggering a market that can benefit your business. I think when as a business you think about what type of food to serve, you should first think about the people who you are serving the food to. If your market is college kids then a gourmet meal will not work. If you’re trying to attract a business crowd then hamburgers and fries are clearly not the correct choice. With all things in mind the main point is that you should be trying to corner a market that most have not, the way to a successful night business, through the stomach.

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