Drinks: Pour Me A Cup

05 Aug

The last night that you went a night scene of any sorts, what was the one thing that stuck out in your head? was it the music, the people, the night itself? For most the one takeaway that comes from a night out is the prices that they pay for drinks. Now I am not only referring to alcoholic drinks but drinks in any nature of the word. These includes cold refreshments such as sodas and beers, and the high-class version of wines, champagnes and hard liquor.

First let me begin by talking about the non alcoholic drinks that are served at these night spots. The biggest thing that a club owner can remember is that variety is key. There may be points where you have a customer base that is searching for non alcoholic drinks. If you do not supply a variety at this end then you success rate can clearly fall in this aspect. Variety is key because you also have to understand what your target audience is looking for and who they are.

Next we can discuss the fact of alcoholic drinks. Here I will make the same point that I made earlier about variety. Depending who you are marketing your night spot to that will decide what type of drinks that you want to have made available. Are you looking at college kids, high-class people, or a variety of both. In order to be successful you must have product that is suitable for all of the people who you are looking bring to your club. You must cater to the people who will be attending.

The last point is the same point that I first began with is the prices that you pay for drinks. I think that the key takeaway should be that as a club owner you have some sort of promotional tool happening every night. Have one night with dollar beers, perhaps one with half off, something that will entice people to walk through your doors and get a level of foot traffic. The first thought should always be to get people in the door because from there the possibilities can seem endless. 

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