Food annd Liquor

06 Aug

There are a lot of great combinations that I can think of throughout the years. There was Shaq and Kobe, always been peanut butter and jelly, and then there’s food and liquor. My last couple of posts focused on those two aspects of night spots. My conclusion now is to bring the two of them together and into the front. Food and liquor is as deadly combination as any and for night spots it can serve to be highly successful in business endeavors that you may have for your business.

Lets begin with the aspect of food. My belief is that as a business you are losing out on a portion of your revenue stream by not tapping into this market. Some night places get it right when it comes to this idea but so many do not. You have to market your place of business as something more than what it may seem. It’s not just a night spot, it’s a restaurant, or a place for social gatherings. By providing food in your establishment, you tap into segment that is already there. If people come for a good time, they will surely stay for the food. The atmosphere that having food creates is second to none. You already have the clients there in front of you, so why would you want them to go somewhere else for food when you are already have them in your grasp and in your hands waiting to be served.

The second part of the equation is liquor. When I speak about liquor I am not just speaking about liquor but also about liquids. It is important to have variety. The first step of that is to have variety in whatever you serve. You want to be known as an establishment that provides the best quality, most variety, and affordable prices. A lot of these changes may seem to be noteworthy. The one thing that I can not stray away from is that in order to make money you need to spend money. These changes will help your place of business. In the sense of the liquor that you provide you need to make sure that with your variety you are giving your consumers choice. Provide choice and variety by giving them deals and special promotions on certain nights and that will entice them to come to your business.

Though these are just my thoughts and only my thoughts I can speak on this subject only because I have been to so many places such as these. My thought is that if I am having these ideas about the club scene then others may be having the same ideas. In my endeavors for the future I look to have an establishment such as this for myself. In my establishment I hope hat some of the things that I have discussed and seen in my passing I can apply them to my business.

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