The End of The Beginning

10 Aug

As I write this blog post I contemplate what I actually wrote about? Was my content clear, did I convey my point, in the end the question is, what was this all about? In my prior blog posts my effort was to brand myself in order for my endeavors in the future. The ideas where always in my head but adding the ideas to the paper was where I had the most problems. So as I reflect and ask theses questions of myself, I also ask the same thing from the few people who took the time to read my blogs. The thoughts were there just adding them for all to see was where the problem lied.

The information that I wanted to give the public never reached any base. My thought was that I could provide readers with information on how to run a successful night club. The ideas in my head and the ones that I talked about in my blog postings were solely based on my own experiences that I have had. As a young entrepreneur who hopes to one day have a night club business, I thought that I could convey the important aspects that are needed to be in order to run a successful business. As I look at what I wrote in the past I hope that my future postings will reflect me.

So this is a farewell toast to my postings that I have done and I am giving birth to the ideas that will come in the future. Giving the people some type of information that helps myself and others. Branding myself on a social network in order to convey the message that I want. I can’t promise what I talked about in the future will reflect what I hope to write in the future. Keep your eyes tuned into the computer screen to see what I will bring to you next and what will come. Maybe some content that will be more of the same but having new ideas convey better.

So I just gave you blog saying that im ending the route of my current blog. So the question is where will i go next? I may not know where im going at this very moment but im sure itll come to me at some moment. Maybe itll come to me at work, in the bathroom, in class, or playing basketball. My hopes with the past was to catapult into the future. That still remains to be my goal. Though today is ending tomorrow will bring content that is relevant and prevalent. Well enough with the talk, all i can hope for is that you will stay tuned for what iI hit you with next.

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